Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It has been a long time since the last posting. We are now getting the society going in Minot. A lot of interest with professors from Minot State University along with their students are interested. The plan for anyone interested is to meet monthly. Discuss and cuss beliefs, claims, practices, devices etc. No belief, claim, practice or device is sacred or protected and cannot be investigated. The only protected are the believers themselves. This is from history lessons, ie. the holocost. Science basic and applied including education will be encouraged and endorsed, along with its sister disciplines such has history, ethics etc. Hopefully we will then publish to this blog and to the local paper in OP-Ed. Everyone will have a chance to contribute. If you live in Minot and are interested reply to this blog with an email address that I can contact you. We also may just change the format of this blog.

The Skeptical DoDo

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