Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Religious What

Two things caught my eye today. One is "Nepal Devotees flock to Buddha Reincarnation". What? Apparently a teenager is revered by "believers" as a reincarnation of Buddha. He is 18 year old Ram Bahadur Bamjan and many believe he has been meditating without food or water in the jungles of southwest Nepal since 2005. They also say he has spent months without moving just sitting with his eyes closed under a tree. I think the believers have their eyes closed and their brains also. He has been tapping these people on the top of their heads as a blessing. They have been calling him God. He "re-emerged" this week to meet his followers who have come by the thousands. Several Buddhist scholars are skeptical of the claims. I think they just need to take the skeptism a little further. But even these scholars cannot persuade the believer, which I think says a lot about human gulliability.

Now from the USA. The Supreme court is being asked to hear a case about a small religious group fight to place a monument in a public part in Pleasant Grove Utah. This religious group is called the Summum. This group, who I have never heard of before, believe that God gave the Seven Aphorisms to Moses on Mount Sinai along with the Ten Commandments. Then Moses supposedly destroyed that tablet because the people were not ready for it. What??? The city of Pleasant Grove Utah is asking to be allowed to reject the donation of the display. That is the city govenment wants to limit freedom of speech . Another private religious group donated a monument to the Ten Commandments in 1971. That was ok by city standards, I guess. A federal appeals court sayed the city cannot alow some private donations in its public parka dn reject others. The city is supported by federal, state, city governments and veterans organizations. The problem is that a ruling for the Summum would allow almost anyone to erect a monument in a public park of any point of view good or bad or lead to removal of other memorials such as war memorials. It also raises the question of the govenment favoring one religion over another which is prohibited by the First Amendment.. I find it ironic that this is all taking place in Utah a state controlled by the LDS or better known as the Mormons. It also with the first paragraph show that religious BS can occur anywhere in the world, evern here in the US, eh?

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