Saturday, January 24, 2009

Intelligent Design and Creationism

Last Friday nights meeting of the society was successful. A lot of people showed up as the subject is always intersting. Some creationist/intelligent design people showed up. The good news we had a civil debate. Yes, a civil debate between both sides can be done. It didn't change any minds as we the evolution side were unprepared. One person said he has evidence that fossilization can occur immediately and it occure at Mount St. Helens. I asked him to send me the information and I will analyze it critically. But it also showed to the ID people that evolutionists are not monsters and baby eaters we are generally well meaning and gentle people. Some thoughts occured to me out of this. We told them that we are open minded and we would change our minds if the evidence says so. I wonder what do they need to change their minds? The next is a question I should've asked, but why do you say that? One point is that they tend to turn words around. One was using the "dogma" of science and I had to get a dictionary and read the definition of dogma. It is a religious term relating to behaviors, beliefs and opinions based on no grounds other than church or religious authorities. One idea came up as to home schooling. Here, I have that as an idea on both sides. However, the extreme is for example the madrassas of the Muslim world. Only religious education is given and no other. This makes for no technicians, scientists, accountants, teachers (other than religious ones), and other necessary people in society. It denies an education in other subjects to students. The result is no progress or betterment of life of the society. And such extreme education leads to terrorists. So I reject home schooling. Another one is to be fair ID should be taught in schools science classes. I have two points, one if you want to teach ID/creationism in science class then you must teach evolution in Sunday school, it is only fair. Next, Sweden teaches about religion, not only Christianity but Islam, Hinduism Buddaism etc. in a separate class. We could do that here.

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