Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the Hell?

I browse through the paper and see news items on the tv. It is all very depressing. There is a national day of prayer coming up. Presedent of Iran calls Israel a racist state. The Texas school board through its creationist dentist presedent got measure passed to basically allow intelligent design and creationism in Texas schools. This also means that every other text in the country will have that garbage because so goes Texas so goes the nation. Pro life groups are in reality pro death. Global warming is fact and the ones that control it don't believe it and it will take a bite out of their profits. The taliban is gaining control of Pakistan and has called democracy the work of the devil. Etc. Etc. What is going on? Is there any good news? It looks like the radicals, fundamentalists etc. are winning and they will have their end of the world, but it will not be due to god or the coming of the messiah, it will be due to man. A self fulfilling prophocy. But the world will not end, it will shake off the debris of human stupidity, greed, beliefs and will go on and will gradually heal itself. Maybe it will be for the better allowing other life, so called less intelligent life, to survive and indeed prosper. Someone recently told me that they admire me because I speak out. Why doesn't other people? Is it for fear of business drying up? Is it fear of not being liked? Is it fear of not being one of the in group? But I remember a old saying by somebody that basically said; for evil to triumph, good men only need to do nothing.

Skeptical DoDo

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