Thursday, May 14, 2009

H1 N1 Flu in North Dakota

Two probable cases of H1N1 flu has been reported in North Dakota. One in Burleigh county and one in Ward county. Probable cases are defined as people who have a influenza-like illness and have confirmed influenza A infection by RT-PCR testing, but not able to be typed at the North Dakota Department of Health's Division of Lab. Service. Those samples are then sent to the CDC. In a health alert by the ND Dept. of Health there are 3 groups that should be considered for testing. People with fevers >100 F and a cough with and without sore throat and have illness onset within 7 days of out of state travel. or reside in Burleigh county or Ward county. People with a fever >100F and cough with or without sore throat who have had contact within 7 days of confirmed case of novel influenza H1N1. And hospitalized peoplewith respiratory illness and fever with no obvious cause of disease, regardless of travel history. The CDC is recommending treatment in all hospitalized people with confirmed or suspecte H1N1 and people who are at high rish for complications of H1N1. These people include children <5>65 years old, people with COPD (emphasyma, chronic bronchititis), people on chemotherapy or transplant patients, pregnant women, people <19years old on long term aspirin therapy. and residents of long term care facilities. Adults need to stay home for 7 days if have positive test and children need to stay home for 10 days.

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