Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NIH CAM Research Show Most are Nonsense

It is in the NIH branch that was started to study CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine), a report released today shows that most if not all the CAM is NO BETTER than PLACEBO. $2.5 Billion was spent on this stuff since its inception. This is the baby of Senator Grassly of Iowa, who wanted to show or actually promote CAM. NIH tested it and found that it doesn't work when put up to scientific scrutiny. Grassly sells bee pollen to his colleagues in Congress and is one of the sponsers that let supplements etc. get by without FDA testing for safety and effect. Because it would have stopped his business. NIH CAM board by charter is made up of mostly CAM practitioners. Studies in energy medicine, accupressure for weight control, echinacea for colds, Ginkgo for memory, Glucosamine and Chondrotin for arthrititis , black cohosh for hot flashes, saw palmetto for prostate problems, shark cartiledge for cancer and others have no effect. The only thing was ginger might be helpful for chemotherapy nausea. Now CAM supporters say that scientists are closed minded. It is really they who are closed minded because they deny the evidence. Belief, wanting, desire doesn't affect nature and how it works. Nature could care less about beliefs, desires and wants. But they will come back with the studies were done wrong, or the some such thing. Its like vaccines cause autism or creationism it is fueled more by belief, desire, wishes than solid science. We must also keep in mind this CAM stuff is sold to make money and mainly to the gullible. The problem is many times that means lives. You can see an article published on MSNBC at
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