Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thursday night on Shoetime and again last night I watched with glee Penn and Tellers "Bullshit".
It was about astrology. It was wonderfully done and very entertaining. Phil Pliat from Bad Astronomy was on it. Only Penn and Teller could have done what they do and expose astrology as so much mumbo jumbo. I am constantly amazed by the guests they get on the show. They had two astrologers on and showed their craft to be what it is; a shame. I just don't get how they get such people on, because they obviously got to know that they are going to be made a laughing stock. They should know that their tricks are going to be exposed. Penn and Teller being magicians know how this is done. Yet, these people still go on. Either they think they are so good that they cannot be found out, or believe their own BS so much that they honestly think they will show P and T up. I don't know. They had a professor of psychology on that showed the gag developed by James Randy back in the 90's showing that people, and in this case college students, can be fooled into thinking astrology like stuff. It was great. More power to P and T. I am looking forward to there new episodes of truely great skepticism.

Skeptical DoDo

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