Thursday, July 2, 2009


An opinion by that pundit of right wing religious fundamentalist Michelle Malkin actually got print space is amusing. She says nothing new, as it has all been said by these types before. It is quote mining and connecting bits that have absolutely no relation with each other except in her feeble mind. She and her kind are actually anti-science because it shatters their precious, but ill thought out beliefs. So they actually call it faith, which it is not. She has obviously not read the literature, or if she had, she didn’t read it fully but went a mining. This refugee from the Philippines calls the science myths, as her faith is not? Just to take a couple of ridiculous claims that will make the rest of her so called argument called into question. First, the tired old argument of Hitler being a Darwinist. Hitler was a catholic and never renounced his religion. It was Martin Luthers published pamphlet of 1533 that the Nazis used to justify the holocaust. Wallace was coming up with a theory of evolution and he actually corresponded with Darwin. They presented their papers before the Royal Society together. It was at the urging of Darwins friends that he published the origin of species and that included Wallace. Next the Piltdown man was actually found out by scientists not preachers. And finally how did she get to Darwin was the cause of World War I. The leap in logic, if there is any, on competition is the result of Darwin and is the cause of war is absurd. First the competition is her and other right wing people favorite and world saving system of unfettered free capitalism. There is a cognitive disconnect here. I am not surprised by this as most of the opinions that show up in the papers are from right wing fundamentalists who think that their beliefs are the only true expression of reality. We need to learn from the reality of how the universe works, not try and impose our own beliefs on reality. Mother Nature doesn’t care about our beliefs. And if we try to impose them we will reap the wrath of such folly.
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