Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Ascending a Book Review

I have just finished a fantastic book. "Life Ascending; The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution" by Nick Lane. The author is a biochemist and Honorary Reader at the University College London. From a biochemist viewpoint he gives a marvalously concise review of the last 5 decades of leading edge ground breaking research and insights into the tough questions of evolution. He expertly reconstructs the history of life by describing the ten greatest inventions of evolution. From such topics a abiogenesis, DNA, the eye, warm blood, to consciousness and death. It is not boring biochemical reactions, but he reconstructs the theories by some of the greatest scientists in the world, the testing of those theories and how it all fits with the fabric of life and evolution. The creationist/ID people will be very disappointed in it, but it is the truth of science not their truth. It is essential reading for anyone who has wondered as to how we came to be here. I heartly recommend this book. It is going into the list of recommended books. I will be referring to it from time to time.
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