Friday, August 21, 2009

P & T Stress

Last nights episode of Penn and Teller about Stress was delightful and oh so true. We all get stressed. I'm under a little now. But the BS that has grown up to meet the demands of the gullible is simply amazing. Aromatherapy, spas with ancient treatment of dripping hot oil on ones third eye, and adrenal failure as touted by integrative medicine specialists abound with others. They had real scientists on there with tennis great McEnroe to assert the truth. We need stress, life would be boring without it and it makes us perform. The assertions of the quacks is BS, no real scientific data to support any of it. The long hard course in aromatherapy was instructive, lets see it was, was a week! That must have been stressful. Most of the symptoms of stress are simply anxiety or depression. And should be treated, if needed, by someone who is qualified. Not by someone, as at the spa found on craigslist. It was priceless episode, I recommend it, if you can stand the stress.
Skeptical DoDo

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