Monday, August 31, 2009

TV Shows

Couple shows last night were very good. One was the Human Family Tree on National Geographic channel. It featured Spencer Wells and his group doing the research following the migrations of humans out of Africa. It was well done and very informative. Racists will not like it because it does show that race is a construct of our minds not natures. Another show was on Dateline and it was about vaccines and autism. I saw only a part of it, but of what I did see was good. It did show Paul Offit and he talked about the false prophets of autism. It also showed Andrew Wakefield. Matt Lauer did a good job of grilling him. I don't think the show changed any minds, but it did accurately show the issues. Another show was on public tv and showed the health care debate. It was well done and showed what the real issues of the debate are. And Why we need to change what we are doing. Remember September 9, Dr. Mike Holland will be talking about vaccines at our next meeting at the Minot Public Library.
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