Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dr. Holland put on a good presentation. We had a small group tonight, but great discussions. The thing that is interesting is that the anti-vax movement is well financed, but ill informed. They have fancy handouts, and presentation materials, Dr. Holland had some, but the truth is not in them. They often cite references in medical literature that they say refutes the safety of vaccines, but when you check out those references they really show that vaccines are safe. In short the anti-vaxers are lieing. The problem is the general public really doesn't check the references themselves. They leave that to so called experts like chiropractors. Really chiropractors are experts on vaccines? The Palmer School of Chiropractic actually promotes anti-vaccination. This is a crime. The so called authorities that go against good science and advise the general public against vaccination should be held civily and criminally libel for endangering the public safety. They are actually are terrorists. We need a law making it a crime. Some then say it is free speech. But it is held in the courts to cry fire in a theater when there is no fire is against the public good. Either way it would bring the needed media attention on the fraud deciet of these so called experts. Think about it.

Skeptical DoDo

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