Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chiropractor Vaccine Talk

First let me say I proud that 7 skeptics showed up.  The talk that the chiropractor put on appeared fair and balanced.  It appeared, but it wasn't.  She always couched everything she said in words of we don't know.  Then she brought up that the immune system in a form I have not seen before.  She brought Andrew Weil and his stance against vaccines,  the integrative medicine guru.  Talked about how too many vaccines are given and that vaccines have been linked to chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, alzheimer, multiple sclerosis etc. There is no evidence that this happens.  She also brought up the conspiracy point that vaccines are a plot by the pharmaceutical companies. She forgot or planned on not mentioning that most of the research is done at academic sites, and the controls for good data are rigidly enforced by the supervising agency of the govenment.  And she equated vaccines with cigarettes! This one is completely in left field.  She brought up the discredited doc father and son duo of Mark Geier.  They do their so called research in a basement.   Then she recommended against vaccines on a philosophical basis.  Then she said to let the kids get sick, have a clean diet and then a little sales pitch for probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids, which I am sure she sells along with chiropractic care as the best way to health and wellness.  Then the Q & A.  It was short and one could see of the 19 people there not including us skeptics they were all believers.  In short she was selling half truths, lies, and doubt to a already made group of believers.  WE were civil and no fights broke out. Go to the video bar and see a recently posted youtube.  It says it all better than I.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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