Friday, October 23, 2009

Greenhouse of the Dinosaurs

I have finished a book that will definitely go into the must read section.  Donald R. Prothero's book by the name of Greenhouse of the Dinosaurs is excellent.  The name is a little misleading that it is really talking about the early cenozoic, just after the dinosaur extinction.  But his delightfuly tales of collecting samples in storms, cold rivers, getting lost and all the rest adds a bit reality to what could be a boring subject.  However, he goes into how the ages of geologic and fossil samples are determined.  The data that shows that earth has gone through several hothouse or greenhouse and ice ages.  Several side stories about others in the drama of figuring out what happened in our planets past add spice and human element.  But it all gets to the point that we are the ones causing global warming.  The science is indisputable.  I have one person tell me when we talked about global warming that he did not believe it because he thought that it was inconceivable that we as a single species could affect global climate.  He either forgot or didn't know that a humble group of organism the blue-green cyanobacteria produce the oxygen in our atmosphere and we would not be here without it.  It was caught in the fallacy of ideologic premises rule out other outcomes.  We must follow the evidence, even if it is not what we like, as mother nature doesn't care what we like.  So we must learn from her and learn to work with her.  I read the book in couple days, so not hard reading.  I recommend it.
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