Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine Frozen!

Well the vaccine that was suppose to be given yesterday was frozen!  They say due to malfunctioning refrigerators.  I don't know if that is true or if someone screwed up.  The injectable vaccine is killed virus and injecting probably would not have hurt, the question is, would it have done what it is suppose to.  They don't know, so to be safe they cancelled the injections.  When is the next shipment suppose to come in, I don't know.  Murphys law is in effect.  For those who don't know Murphys law states: that if anything can go wrong it usually will.  Corrigans corollary is: Murphy was an eternal optimist. 
In other news after yesterday I thought the paper was doing good.  But money must be needed so much that I saw in todays paper that the ad that I talked about before is back.  Now they are rushing shipments to Wal Mart, Walgreens of the powerful weight loss pill that from the Adrenal Fatigue Institute.  No it is not clinically proven, it is bogus.  There is not recognized disease called Adrenal Fatigue.  That is a made up syndrome by Integrative medicine specialists and alternative medicine, dare say, providers.  It is something to get the gullible to buy something they don't need.  To part a fool from his or her money.  Well let us hope the  paper is getting money from the fools who made this ad and so called drug and no one buys it. 
In another related news item.  Contact yor Senators and Representative!  The new health bill has a provision to have alternative medicine people paid just like real health providers.  Do you want to pay for unproven treatments and bogus so called science?  This is championed by the quack senator himself from Iowa Senator Harkin, you know of bee pollen fame.  I've blogged about him before.  He believes that bee pollen is the cure all and sells it to all his colleagues on the capital hill.  He is also the one responsible for no regulation for the alternative medicine industry by FDA and the one responsible, because of that for untold deaths and suffering because of bogus treatments.  Now they want to put payment to these quacks in the new health care reform bill. Quick call your senators and get that hogwash stopped.  All it will due is increase our taxes to pay for something that does not good and does more harm. 

Skeptical DoDo

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