Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sounds Too Good To Be True

Another ad in the paper selling woo.  The title is "Powerful results for new diet pill creates huge demand on pharmacies".  It is a half a page ad.  It has all the red flags; get a free bottle just call a 1-888 number, available online, first 100 callers will receive free book explaining adrenal fatigue.  And it is sold at Wal-Mart!  I thought that was an reputable pharmacy.  I will have to revaluate what I tell my patients about visiting them for their prescriptions.  I wonder how much money Wal-Mart was paid to boost this woo?  In fact I wonder how much money the paper got for this ad?  It talks about something called Adrenal Fatigue.  This is a concept pushed by homeopaths and integrative medicine people.  There is no legitimate data to support that this so called condition even exists in the medical literature.  Of course to them this is a big conspiracy to cover up their research.  If you believe that you will believe anything.  Another give away is the Adrenal Fatigue Institute.  If you google them you get a bunch of stuff that should be a give away to the scam.  This article has a vague resemblence to earlier ads in the paper selling other so called miracle cures.  Could there be a connection?
Skeptical DoDo

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