Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ladybird-Book of Chiropractic-Treatment

May I suggest reading the blog of Crispian Jago. He has an excellent and funny blog on the Simon Singh Chiropractic case in the U.K. You can find this blog at: It nicely sums up the problem in the U.K. where instead of evidence alternative medicine people go for the legal course, instead of trying to prove their side with evidence. Of course they do not try because they themselves know that they do not have evidence. They whine and cry and say that we do not respect them and that we do not understand their science. BS, first they don't have science they have speculation and wishful thinking. And because we respect them as people we cannot nor should we respect their wacky ideas. So go read Crispian Jago blog and enjoy, it is far funnier than anything I've seen yet, and puts the whole thing into perspective.
SKeptical DoDo

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