Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oral Roberts

The death of Oral Roberts must mean God called him. I was an intern in Tulsa 30 years ago, working for the University of Oklahoma Tulsa Medical College. ORU, Oral Roberts University, was in town and they just started their medical school. I worked at the three, then, hospitals, St. John, Hillcrest and St. Francis. I can remember a lot of talk about him. Many scandals and other misadventures. He would employ fellow students to spy on their comrades. He had a rule that no one at ORU can be over 10% of their ideal body weight. God wasn't fat and neither shall ye be. We had students who would beg us not to tell anyone if they had a suicide attempt, because the elicited an expulsion from ORU. ORU students, if I remember right, had a fairly high suicide rate and attempt rate. The pressure on the students was amazing. When he started his medical school, his medical team consisted of a doctor, nurse and a preacher to take care of patients. He advertised that no one would be turned down because they couldn't pay. We had a woman who came all the way from Oregan with her family. She had a cancer, lymphoma I think, and the family sold everything to come to ORU for treatment. They had no insurance, but we got her at one the local hospitals because once they arrived they had no money and they were turned away from ORU hospital. I remember a scandal that involved his income. He said he was paid a modest salary from the university that bears his name. He actually lived in a mansion and had over 1000 alligator shoes. Does that sound like a modest salary. I know because I used to drive by his house. The ORU campus is a beautiful campus and quite modern looking, but looks can be deceiving. The pressure that was on the students, the scandals and the lies was amazing. I remember in 1987 the call for money, $6 million in one year, or God would call him home. We were all hoping that he wouldn't make the target amount of money and God would call him home. People will say that he was a man of God and doing his works. I think he was a fraud and a huckster. I say good thing he is home, if that is where he is.
Skeptical DoDo

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