Friday, January 8, 2010

Evolution Rx

I just finished a book that I would heartily endorse and recommend for everyone. Evolution Rx by William Meller MD. Dr. Meller has been on Skepticality podcast. He is a practicing Internist and Board Certified who runs a practice in Santa Barbara Calif. He teaches a class in Evolutionary Medicine at University of California at Santa Barbara. The book is written for the lay person, but I enjoyed it very much and it makes so much sense. He brings in the latest research in genetics, biology and evolution to answer some confounding questions about preventing disease, fighting infections, avoinding unnecessary treatments and extending a healthy life. As opposed to alternative medicine he has included references in medical or specialty journals, legitamate, peer reviewed journals. At the end of every chapter he summarizes the recommendations in the chapter. But read the chapters it is full of information and are very entertaining. Even if you don't accept evolution it gives very good common sense advice. But it is based on evolution which the author accepts and uses to good effect to explain why we age, get sick, get well despite all the so called treatments (both traditiona and CAM), sex, etc. Enjoy!

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