Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pat Robertson Wants Money for Haiti Devil Deal

We have all be glued to the tube about the disaster in Haiti. But like the blog just before it people sure put religion in strange positions. Pat Robertson of the 700 club wants you to send him money for the Haiti disaster. Haiti gained independence from France in 1804 as the result of a slave revolt. Pat Robertson is saying that the earthquake is because the French slaves in 1804 made a deal with the devil to grant them independence and freedom, but the devil is extracting his due now. Robertson is a scam artist like most religious people of his ilk. He wants money for various charities, all his, and he uses that money for his own enterprises. But I also yesterday had a person tell me that the Haiti problem is their catholism and voodoo heritage. Yes that can be a toxic mix, but how does this go? He said the voodooism makes it ok for multiple sex partners in religious rituals and that is the reason Haiti has the highest AIDS levels in the western hemisphere. Also they have overused their resources and the cut down the trees and the farm land has washed into the ocean. Yes, religion and ignorance is probably the reason for some of this. And it should point as a warning for the rest of us. But that does not mean we should not try and do something for these people. So couple lessons. Don't send money to Pat Robertson's organization. In fact I think his organization should be taxed. Send the money to legit organizations like the Red Cross and UN organizations that help with disaster relief. Next, we need to protect and promote education, not religious education. Think about it.

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