Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just a reminder about our next meeting on Wed. 17 of Feb. at CFM. Time will be 7 PM. Subject will be Science and Politics. Will be a viewing of the lecture by Lawrence Krause during the Center for Free Inquiry Western Caribean trip last fall.

Also, this Saturday the 13th of February is Darwin day. What do you think, should we promote such a day here in Minot?

Go to Simon Singh site on Keeping Libel Laws out of Science and science his petition. I have blogged about this before and England has the worst libel laws in the West. It makes it extremely easy for anyone to sue anyone, just because they don't like what the other guy has to say about his psuedoscience.

If you have any topics, or have seen woo here in Minot, let me know and get them on the site.
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