Friday, April 9, 2010

All the Major Political Parties In U.K. Support Libel Reform

The following is an announcement of the intent of all the major Political Parties intending to support Libel reform in the U.K. This is the result of the Simon Singh initiative due to the libel suit by the British Chiropractic Association. In otherwords the libel suit didn't stifle Simons claim that their treatments of kids was bogus, but did backfire against them and any other group that tries to stifle criticism of unsupported claims in health, science or any other endeavor. The only group that is going to fight it are the lawyers. That is because they make large amounts of money from such suits. Enjoy!

Conservatives, Labour & Lib Dems back our campaign / behind the scenes at the Big Libel Gig

It’s official – all the main political parties are backing our campaign for significant changes to English libel law. It’s a huge success and it’s thanks to your support.

In January, Nick Clegg told us that the Liberal Democrats backed our campaign, followed by support from the Labour party when Jack Straw came to our public meeting in Parliament on 23 March. Yesterday, Dominic Grieve signed the Conservative Party up to our campaign saying:

“The Conservative party is committed, if elected, to undertaking a fundamental review of the libel laws with a view to enacting legislation to reform them. This reform could best be done by means of a separate Libel Bill and this is the preferred approach for us.”

This would not have happened unless 48,000 people like you backed our campaign, turned up to our public meetings, Big Gig and lobby of Parliament. With the decison by three of the most important judges in the land on Simon Singh’s case last week extending your right to fair comment, and a commitment to our politicians to reform the rest of our unjust libel laws, we’re on the cusp of radical and long-awaited reform.

Yet, it won’t be easy. On Tuesday, an attempt to cut lawyers’ fees failed in the House of Commons. We know that some libel lawyers will oppose reform every step of the way. It’s a lucrative business with some cases costing £3 million in lawyers’ fees. The vested interests are huge. We need your support not just now, but more importantly in the next few months when we see how our newly elected politicians propose to reform the law in the next Parliament.

Please continue to back us. Your support got us this far. But the work we do in the next few months will make all the difference.

Thanks from everyone at the Libel Reform Campaign:

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