Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On the next page from the stupid page, you know the horoscope, the daily posted another risk free trial of a product that is clearly bogus. The irony is that it is next to a real medical advertisement. Do you have trouble starting your stream says the headline for the ad. More hyperbole of countless men, in this case, raving about the new product. And it is drug free formula. This sounds a little odd. Formula usually refers to some chemical or chemical reaction and if it is a formula it must be a drug. This one is called "Prostalex Plus" and it is an "amazing all-natural supplement" for men with urinary problems due to prostate enlargement. Again there are these psuedoscientific claims that it is "scientifically" formulated to improve prostate function. Most common people don't even know what the function of the prostate is. No mention of what is in it and more anecdotal stuff from people like Michael P. and Larry D. Just call the 800 number. 1/4 page ad is expensive and money is more important than integrity, again. Just be careful. If you have problems with your prostate or urinary problems see your doctor, don't fall for this tripe. Prostate problems can be infections, benign prostate enlargement (big growth of the gland) and cancer. These are not innocent problems and can be potentially life threatening and need real treatment, not promises.
Skeptical DoDo

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