Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flip the Switch? What Switch?

Another woo advertisement in the Minot Daily this morning. It is interesting that it follows on my previous blog, because the purveyors of this tripe and the paper obviously did not read the book I recommended. The ad is a 1/4 page ad title under Health and Medicine "Scientists Discover Brains 'Flip Switch' and Light Up Lost Memories". Again it has a pretty picture of an MRI that seems to show the whole brain lighting up. And again it is another break through using "brain-energizing amino acids BaselingHPT". What is interesting it according to Kathleen Murphy D.C. a chiropractor and she and they tout after 9 years of research supposedly at Texas University and Wake Forest University they found that the problem is a lack of neurotransmitters. Then they bring back the same old tired arguments "restores chemical balance in the brain", "clinically proven nutrients", "why you can't get key nutrients from diet alone", "delighted users" (anecdotal evidence again and it is the worst kind of evidence), and "free 30 day supply for first 100 callers". I don't know of any chiropractors that get involved in any scientific research of any merit. The product has amino acids and yes you do get all of the essential ones from your diet, unless your starving. Get the book The Other Brain" written by a real neuroscientist and find out the truth on how our memories work. This ad is just so much noise that it is designed to separate money from the gullible.
Peace Skeptical Dodo

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