Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gulf Disaster

We are in day 57 of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. Every day there is more bad news on the radio, TV and in the newspapers on the subject. For years and even recently as only couple months ago we heard from prominent and not so prominent politicians: "drill baby drill". Not too mention our state and indeed the city of Minot is in a boom now due to the oil fields. But the fact remains that one can only put so many straws in the bucket before the bucket sucked dry. The consequences, despite the deniers, is we are in a global warming. Just like evolution the scientific evidence is over whelming. The bright spot and every bad thing eventually leads to a good thing is the basis of my optimism, is this may at last bring the American public to the awareness that we must get a handle on our dependence on fossil fuels and thereby the even bigger environmental disaster of global warming. I know there are ones that say that the coal and oil industry provide jobs. They do, but so did the SS, KGB, concentration camps, the gulag, prisons etc. I am not implying that their jobs are of the same evil caliber as the one's I mentioned, but just because a resource provides jobs, just because an organization provides jobs, doesn't mean that the overall benefit is any better. A Manhattan style effort to develop alternative sources of energy will provide jobs, decrease the effects of global warming and reduce or eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and its close association with middle eastern oil. And remember a sizable chuck of the money we spend on middle eastern oil finances the terrorists operations back at us. I am sure there will be those who disagree and they will be driven by ideology only, as they will say I am, but how much is their ideology money driven? Mine is not, as I do not take any money from the oil companies, coal companies, lobbyists etc. So I am hopeful that there is a silver lining to current disaster. Think about it.
Peace Skeptical D0Do


FlapperMandingo said...

This listed after you went on a cruise. Talk about waste. Who has the money?

Anonymous said...

The initial local result of the anti-offshore drilling sentiment is a greater boom for more drilling in North Dakota. At present, and I mean for the next 5 to 10 years, the USA is absolutely dependant on fossil fuel. If you have any doubt, furlough all the fuel truck drivers in the US for three weeks. There would be riots everywhere in the US. The economy would crater.
Alternative energy, yes, but as a rational, planned and proven path.