Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kicked Out of the Church to Save a Life!

A nun at a catholic hospital (St. Joseph) in Phoenix, and the hospital administrator, made a call. A pregnant women 11 weeks pregnant came into the emergency room with a life threatening illness. To save the woman's life a decision had to be made. The administrator nun made the decision, she allowed the abortion to save the life of the woman. The abortion was done and the woman lived. The catholic bishop of Phoenix heard about this and promptly excommunicated the nun and she is no longer the administrator of the hospital. I find this ironic considering the catholic church protected for years priests when they raped children and the excommunication of the nun was immediate. Almost all, correction ALL, ethics professors would say she did the right thing. So the catholic church would rather have two people die, the women and her 11 week fetus than allow an abortion. This is stuff right out of the middle ages condemning heretics, burning witches and the like. Puts a different kind of face on the catholic church, doesn't it. I wonder if the protestant churches would do the same, or for that matter Islam.

Skeptical DoDo

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