Thursday, July 8, 2010


A book I would recommend is Aryan Hirsi Ali new book Nomad. It is written from the powerful position of knowledge. If you have read her previous book INFIDEL or any of her other works you know about her. I met her once in 2007. She is an elegant and thoughtful speaker. She is an Somali and is under death threats for her views. She is an atheist, but was once a Muslim. She puts forth the very powerful argument that we in the west should not cower to Islam or the idea of being respectful means not criticizing the religion. She knows what she is talking about. She is right in that we for the sake of political correctness or not wanting to offend Muslims give our tacit approval of the practice of honor killing, female genital mutilation, terrorism and the whole show of Islam. There are some that argue that it is the majority of Muslims and we shouldn't offend them. That it is their culture etc. That is plan cowardice and illogical. By the same token the same argument could be said of it is the Nazi culture to liquidate the Jews, it is the Stalin culture to liquidate large portions of the population in communist Russia, it was the Khmer Rouge culture to commit genocide of 1/3 population of Cambodia, etc. Do I need to go on? Also by not allowing evangelical Christians into Muslim lands or secular thought into Muslim lands, but they routinely pour millions into madrases and mosques and radicals in the west, Europe, America, Australia etc. We need to get over this idea that we don't want to harm their culture while they have a plan to destroy ours. This is stupidity on a grand scale. Are we that dependent on their oil? Some say that it is not Islam but the ancient tribal cultures. Yes, most predates Islam, but it is now part of Islam and that Islamic culture has no respect of individual rights or freedom, but only for the clan, the religion and to Allah. It is mind control by the few religious leaders, a theocracy. This is why separation of church and state is important. If you haven't read the Koran, get yourself a copy and read it. It is hard to read because it is so disorganized, but some surahs will point out what they want. Part of the control is one cannot even critique the Koran, because it is the word of Allah. Academic now know that isn't true and it was put together long after Muhammad death. Most of the Koran is plagiarized old and new testament bible. But by stating that critical analysis is off limits, then effectively prevents critical thought of the ruling priestly cast. Sound similar to fundamentalist Christians and Jews, don't it? They also say scholarship by nonmuslims don't count, that is a effective way of dismissing people and again gain mind control. So that is why Aryan Hirsi Alis critique is so important, she was one. Muslims need to learn how to think for themselves. But in Islam if you leave the faith the penalty is death for the apostate. All of this is wrong for any culture and be damned with political correctness and "cultural sensitivity" because the only correctness and sensitivity one should have is for people, not their culture!
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