Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Climate Change

We have the state climatologist coming for our meeting Thursday night to talk about climate change. Place CFM, time 7 pm. Should prove to be informative and interesting. He is going to have audience participation. The state climatologist is Dr. Adnan Akyuz and he is asst. Prof. of climatology at NDSU. Since this is a hot topic, sorry for the pun but I couldn't resist, it is an important topic for consequences, if not to us then to our children. Also a report was recently put out by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency that supports the conclusion of climate change. It can be found at http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2010/20100728_stateoftheclimate.html. The evidence is like for evolution, it is becoming overwhelming. But like for evolution there will be the denialist. And like evolution it is from a position of ideology that they speak, not evidence or facts. Of course the big question is what can we do about it, and is it too late to do anything? Hope to see you there.

Skeptical DoDo

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