Friday, August 6, 2010

Climate Change

Thursday night meeting was very good with an excellent turnout. Dr. Akyuz is an excellent speaker. We had some new faces. His explanation of how climatology is done was informative. How the deriving of global temperatures over time was interesting and probably new to those that are not aware of the mechanism of that procedure. He did show rising temperatures since about the beginning of the 1900's and the same rise in CO2 was correlated. What was interesting is that by his own admission the climate is a very complicated matter dependant on many factors from sun cycles, earth orbit, precession, ground absorption/reflectivity and green house gases. What I didn't know was that also without greenhouse gases our global temperature would be around minus 18 degrees F. Pretty cold! So like a lot of thing too little is bad and too much is bad. Controversial point he is one of the 2% of climatologist that isn't sure of the reason for changing climate. This brought up some very good post talk discussion, which lasted for quite a while. We all did agree that no matter what the cause of global warming, conservation is important and we all need to do it. In month or two I will have some excerpts of his talk on the blog.
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