Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meeting on Climate Change and Minot Daily

Just a reminder about tonight's meeting at CFM at 7 pm with Dr. Akyuz the state climatologist with his subject being "Climate Change; Is it Normal". Also a note about our paper, the Minot Daily. They did put into the events calender this last week our meeting. I also ordered two ads to be published on this meeting. When Dr. Avalos was here I got a message from them that event calender was going to be the last and they would only publish government events. Following them for several months I see that wasn't true and they were publishing other nongovernmental organizations events. I sent them a letter asking why they were doing that. I received an email back that told me they would publish only once this event in the event calender, which they did. But I also ordered two ads, that one of our members sent me money to pay for this event. I see that they did not publish those ads. I know papers have been having trouble because the Internet has usurped most of their function. However, a paper is also suppose to serve its community. It brings up the idea that why is the Minot Daily discriminating against MSS? Is it because we promote free thought, critical thinking and thought provoking material? Or is it because the organization, Minot Daily, is a right wing, fundamentalist paper and only want their views promoted in the community? Is this a theme across the United States and indeed the world that such organizations as ours are discriminated against? I know in Muslim world it is because the religious control the countries and every organ with those countries to only promote Islam. Is it becoming that way here? It is just a question and a thought. What do you think?

Skeptical DoDo

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