Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning the Koran

This is really getting silly and dangerous. A fundamentalist evangelical pastor is going to burn some Korans this weekend on the anniversary of 911. He is doing it because God told him to. The fundamentalist Muslims are mad because he is going to and threaten the life of other Americans because of what he is doing. Because the Koran is the word of God. Do you see the idiocy in this yet? They, the Muslims, want the U. S. government to stop him. But we have a constitutional right to burn any book or be stupid, it is called freedom of speech. The fundamentalist Muslims also want Spain, the Balkans back etc. What about Christians wanting what was christian lands, such as Egypt, North Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia? This is looking very bad. The fundamentalist religious types think God talks to them and tells them to do stupid crazy stuff. They use the other stupid crazy actions as excuses to do their own violent stupid crazy actions etc. The Koran is nothing more than a God Damn Book! So your sensitivities are bruised, so what! We are in a culture clash between two world religions and each think theirs is the only true right one. Who is going to push the button? We will have Armageddons and it will be the fault of religion or rather the people who push their religions, not fault of the devil, the anti Christ. We have much more important problems to solve people, like global warming, disease, hunger, world energy supplies etc. But no, made up ideas of whose side God is on is the one that everyone rallies around. And it is all stoked by the media looking for stories to sell, and other businesses who can make money off of others by selling weapons or any other item you can think of. It is the global communications that is the only reason the Muslims in the middle east or Indonesia ever know about this pastor and his 50 member congregation going to burn the Koran. Otherwise they wouldn't know or care! Are we a bunch of idiots?
Skeptical DoDo

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