Monday, September 13, 2010

Did the Terrorist Win?

I have thinking about the fundie in Florida backing down from burning the Korans. I have several opposing feelings about this. One is I don't like book burning, it is so Nazi. Where they burn books they will then get to burning humans. But as the same time to yield to the threat of violence send a message I would rather not send. In this country freedom of speech means you have the right to say or express anything you desire, especially no matter how vile it is. In fact we should be the first to protect such vile acts, because if those are not allowed, then what next. In fact since the whole war on terrorism has started our basic rights and freedoms have been systematically chipped away at and are becoming smaller. We should also have the right to ridicule, make fun of or criticize anything, including religion. When we no longer can criticize a religion then that religion gets the idea that it is above the law, above freedom and is in control. This deeply worries me. In fact I think one of the major problems with Islam, is its idea that it is the final correct religion and has the right to regulate what its followers and you and I can say and do. This I find abhorrent. I am not saying that Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or any other ism or religion you can think of should or does have that same privileged position either. They don't. In a free society one has the ability and may I dare say it the duty to critique anything that person or group of people find trample on their rights. But the thing I find so really offensive about Islam is that it demands tolerance in the west, but does not tolerate any other form of thinking in its home lands. In fact they want their home lands to be all the world.
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