Thursday, September 23, 2010


That crazy President, puppet of the supreme cleric, said in the UN today that it was Americas fault that the trade center and pentagon were attacked on 911 and it was a plot of the Zionist segment of the U.S. government. This a leader of a country said in the UN. Spouting conspiracy theories! This man and government of Iran is truly crazy. And it was the burning of the Koran that caused problems. That little tid bit was stopped and did not happen. This is an example of theocratic government leaders making crap up and not listening to evidence. The UN General Secretary even said there is too much polarization in the world and the attitude of "my way or the highway". The meek will not inherit the earth, they just coward in the face of religious nuts and leaders. I am beginning not to have much faith in the worlds future. We will have Armageddon and it will be our making. No prophet or Christ will return to make paradise. We need reason and rational thought more than ever, but stupidity is hard to kill.
Skeptical DoDo

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