Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nonsense on Stilts

Massimo Pigliucci, an evolutionary biologist, has written an excellent book called "Nonsense on Stilts, How to Tell Science from Bunk", published by The University of Chicago Press. From the whimsical title it hard to see, unless you read it, that this is a serious work. It goes from the factual to the philosophical fields in separating science from pseudoscience and pure bunk. I recommend it highly. He covers astrology, creationism, anti vaccination and global warming denialism. It should be required reading in every science and philosophy class. It also should be required reading for those spreading woo, but they will not read it or anything that smacks of logic, evidence and sense. In this book he outlines what all who wish to communicate science should do. Bravo! It will go into the society book store most definitely.
Skeptical DoDo

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