Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haunted Fort Lincoln

There was a news item tonight about Fort Lincoln. Apparently some "Paranormal Investigators" went out to investigate strange goings on there. The Custer house was rebuilt in 1989 and supposedly you can smell Mrs Custer favorite perfume, Lilac. Also, audio recordings and pictures were taken. They even have a web site on the Ft. Lincoln site called, what else "Haunted Fort Lincoln". They have evenings to go our and see for $8/person on October 15, 17, 22,23,29 and 30 from 7pm to 11pm they have events. Are these really ghosts or are they just trying to come up with a way to get more customers to visit Fort Lincoln around Halloween? I suspect the later. Maybe you should go check it out?
Skeptical DoDo

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