Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Intelligence Squared

I just got done watch on Bloomberg Intelligence Squared a debate and the question is "Islam is a religion of peace?" It was done with about 15 min. before I got to as I was channel surfing. Ayan Hirsi Ali was one of the debaters and she was against the motion. I must say I was fascinated by the debate as it is very topical. It was taking place in New York. It had Muslims in the audience. Before the debate most of the audience was undecided. At the end of the debate the winner was the side that said Islam was not a religion of peace. I agree, it could be but a lot of variables have to change before that happens. I have a lot of respect for Ayran Hirsi Ali. She is a brave well read and reasoned individual. She is an apostate and must have body guards to protect her because there is a fatwa for her death. I met her 3 years ago and admire her. You should read her books, they are eye opening. The biggest problem with Islam is that it has not gone through a reformation as Christianity has and Christianity has matured. Islam is stuck in the middle ages. If you get a chance to see that debate replayed I recommend you see it. It might come up on You Tube as that often does.
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