Monday, October 25, 2010

The Moral Landscape

I have just finished Sam Harris book "The Moral Landscape; How Science Can Determine Human Values" and found it like his other works deeply thought out, insightful and provoking. The first part is a little slow, but it gathers steam toward the early middle and by the end thoroughly dismantles superstition particularly religion. I like how he gives an alternative to morality that is not faith based, but based on human necessity, behavior and thought, backed up by experimental evidence found in fMRI studies and psychology. The religious will not like it one bit, but they never do give reason an even break if it threatens to neuter their favorite beliefs and deities. The logic is impeccable and one can see Sam's interest and training in philosophy also. He does get into Francis Collins acceptance of faith and science and I wasn't quite sure what that had to do with morality. He also defended against the battering of the Four Horsemen, of which he can arguably be called the founder. But again what does this have to do with morality, other than it is fun to read. This will definitely go into the society bookstore. I encourage you to buy it, even if you do not agree with him it will exercise that clump of neurons between your ears.
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