Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sheels Selling Fraudulant Merchandise

You have seen the previous post about the balance fraud device. Well guess what? Sheels here in Minot is selling the Balance Band for $29.95. The very same type of fraud that the video talks about. It is in your pick of colors and there is video above the display case to the check out counters with testimonials and talking about the virtues of the band. What virtues? It is a scam, fraud by every definition of the word. I even talked to one of the employees that is suppose to help the customers. I even demonstrated how it works. I asked her why was Sheels selling them. Her answer because people want them. So we have it again the dollar is more important than integrity in the business world. Shame on Sheels, Shame on business. And to think I used to like going into Sheels and do a little business. Now I am going to question their motives and products and let everybody know.
Skeptical DoDo

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