Friday, October 29, 2010

Tea Party

Christine O'Donnell said she would not legislate based on her religious views. But in the same breath the polls had a small spike because her supporters had a prayer meeting for her. She says she is pro Constitution and literalistic, but during a debate with her opponent in a law school no less she said there is no separation between church and state and then said is that really in there when her opponent read the first amendment. I can sympathize with the tea baggers anger with government, however, I cannot tolerate the blatant lies and ignorance of these people. They say one thing, then the opposite and their actions show that they would institute a theocracy and turn back the clock. One thing interesting in Sam Harris book was that the conservatives can be characterized as being dogmatic, inflexibility, death anxiety and a need for closure. This means that they will be less principled, less warranted, and less responsive to reason and evidence than it would be otherwise. This is being exactly born out in the election and the tea baggers. Read Sam Harris book The Moral Landscape for you self. The so called moral conservatives are not being moral at all, but are being as said in Sam's book and anything goes including lieing to win. I cannot help but feel that the real problem is that they are being manipulated by the very wealthy with money in their campaigns, because if they win the very wealthy only get wealthier and more powerful.
Skeptical DoDo

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