Saturday, November 13, 2010

Catholic Church Needs More Exorcists

A news article came out citing a shortage of priests who can perform exorcism in the United States. Catholic Bishops are holding a conference in New York for two days to address the problem. They are offering a two day training session to outline the Biblical basis of evil and then diagnosis possession and treatment with prayer and ritual. Cardinal Daniel DiNavedo Archbishop of Galveston-Houston Texas and assistant to New York Archbishop Timothy Dales putting on the conference. 50 Bishops and 60 priests have registered. There is skepticism in the church about exorcism, but in other areas of the world it is very common. Neil Lozano author of "Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance" says the there are about 400 inquires per year as to needing exorcism, but only 2-3 are done. Diagnostically a violent reaction to holy water is a cardinal sign of possession. This is real people that the Catholic church is doing this. Apparently the church says they have psychologist and other mental health professionals evaluate the possessed and if found to have no other answer are then subject to diagnosis by a priest with holy water and treatment with holy water, prayer and ritual. Maybe the mental health professionals need to not only look at the possessed but maybe the priests? The power of belief never fails to amaze me.
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