Saturday, November 6, 2010

Truther or Consequences

If you get my extra emails you may have noticed an "controversy" of late involving a truther. Those that don't know what a truther is, that is a person who believes that the 911 attacks were the work of the U.S. government and specifically the Bush white house. I sent an interesting blurb I got on the number of Jewish Nobel prize winners versus Muslim Nobel prize winners with a few other tidbits of history. The truther then sent me an email that was insulting to me and the organization. I also suspected some anti Semitic overtones. I debated him for about three emails. He talked about the firemen and others who said there were thermite bombs in the WTC etc. I pointed out the investigations by Nat Geo, History channel, the architect organization, Interpol etc. into such claims and then told him about the scientific method of testing ideas and if the evidence indicates a different conclusion that we in scientific skepticism are willing to change our minds and ask if he is. At that point the emails stopped. I then took him off the email list for two reasons. One I don't think insult or derogatory emails, especially to me are appropriate. Next, I cannot remember if he is one of two people. Early in our history we had an individual who believed we owed him money for a logo we developed, simply because he registered with some, I believe, bogus organization, that he now owns all rights to symbols and logos. This got rather heated and I asked lawyers and got their opinions that such action violated FTC rules and laws. Another was a gentleman who presented the Zeitgeist film at an early meeting before I got the MSU economics professor to present on the current economic crisis. The gentleman with the Zeitgeist believed that there is a world conspiracy by international Jews that are the bankers and venture capitalist and control the worlds economy. I pointed out during his presentation that idea sounded a lot like the Nazi propaganda of 1920 and 30s Germany. We never saw him back either. What is interesting is here in Minot we do have people that hold weird and racist views. Also, since some do not participate with the society in anyway I take the right to delete them from the email list. That is not kicking them out, that is trying to be efficient and I don't relish the idea of having racist nuts in the society. Also, insulting bigoted remarks to me or the society invites me to delete them from the email list. I got some emails from members thinking I should not delete those. If the society thinks I shouldn't then I will allow them. But they should also be aware that they should also then become involved in the debate conversation etc with such people. They can be very frustrating and exasperating. Case in point is a creationist I had a debate with on this very blog. It is very hard to debate a believer as their minds are closed to anything other than their beliefs. The creationist was also trying to convert me. So if you think I should continue to allow them on the email list let me know, but be advised I expect the others in the society to participate in the debate. Also any email sent to me as to society emails are subject to publication here on the blog and or in the email newsletter and announcements. Let me know what you think.
Skeptical DoDo

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