Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christ is Returning May 11, 2011?

Have you seen the news item about billboards going up in cities around the country saying Christ will be returning on May 11, 2011? Other sources have it the 21 and yet other sources have it as ...! This is sooo funny. We have prophets now posting day the rapture will occur, but others saying the correct day is a few days off. And if you go to those sites they say they know when the end will come by their study of the bible. First they don't even agree on the date and they study the same source. Next history has had numerous cults and people saying when the end will come. And what happens when it doesn't. They just say they were off in their calculations and set a new date. Some of these lunes have even generated organized churches that are still with us today, like the Seventh Day Adventists. This is typical of these types in everything they do they keep moving the goal posts when their assertions are incorrect. And they want us to believe in them. It seems they have enough money this time by gullible believers to put up expensive billboards. There are several lines of interest here. One the ones who sell the space believe in only one thing making money and the who cares about integrity. Next in our country you have the right to spout off anything you want, even if it is crazy. And finally there are people who swallow this bull so much that they put up money to indulge the author of delusions in his own importance and sell more BS. What a country!
Peace Skeptical DODo

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