Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Acupuncture and Child Birth

A woman came to the a clinic with a pregnancy and request. She wanted natural child birth and her chiropractor acupuncturist to treat her in the hospital during labor. Hospitals don't allow chiropractor privileges, much less acupuncturists. Some how this request made it to the executive committee. No they are not going to allow the chiropractor to do due acupuncture in the hospital. Good for them, but there is a physiatrist, that is a doctor specialized in rehab and PT who does acupuncture. This is just a indication of how much alt med has infiltrated modern medicine. Modern medicine is only about 150 years old. The first modern residencies were at John Hopkins in Baltimore and were the product of William Halsted and William Osler the fathers of modern surgery and medicine. They study under the greats in Europe and practiced scientific medicine and taught it to their students and residents. Since that time medicine has progressed more and life expectancy has expanded more than in the previous 8,000 years, since the agriculture revolution. Now we seem to be drifting back to magic, woo and BS. Some say that is because that is what patients the consumer wants. Are we bowing to the all mighty dollar and what the consumer wants, even though he may actually be wrong? The customer is not always right in medicine, because the knowledge of medicine is so complicated that is why there are specialists like doctors, not just shamans, witch doctors or voodoo priestesses. It has been shown to work and that is what the consumer is paying for. Not wishy washy touchy feely nonsense. I don't go to a shaman when my car doesn't work and it feels good. I want someone who knows what they are doing to fix it, not just give me new age BS.
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