Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deadly Choices

Paul A. Offit MD has come out with a new book called Deadly Choices, How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. In the light of recent developments with publications in the BMJ concerning the conspiracy by Wakefield to make millions from his rigged publication in the Lancet 10 years ago, it looks as though the anit vaxers have had most of the wind taken out of their sails. However, as noted in Offits book they will rise again as does all bad air. It a very well documented book about the history of antivaxers that even goes back to the first in England with the smallpox vaccine. How it has morphed over time and brings in star power, in the form of air headed blond playboy bunnies, wealthy financial one who intimidate others and all assorted made up hogwash. One my favorites is the term someone said that all the toxins and dirt that is in vaccines should not be put into pure bodies. My response, as these people also tend to be religious, is doesn't it say in the bible dust to dust? So what is the deal with putting dirt into dirt? Non sequitur. Anyway I would recommend this book to have a better understanding of the movement. There is one site I would recommend that comes out of Colorado that is a good site regarding vaccines as it has a myth section in it also. The site is That site should be recommend to parents who wonder about vaccine safety and all kinds of issues.
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