Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thoughts For A Day

The thing that is interesting and worrisome is that the Republicans seem to have a organized plan to get this country into the pockets of the corporations and the very rich. Case in Point is the crank call that got the Wisconsin Governor thinking he was talking to Koch and revealed his plan to eliminate the unions. It almost seems that history is repeating itself. For example during the Civil War it was the Rich planters of the south who wanted to protect slavery and got the poor whites, who never owned slaves, to go fight for them believing it was for state rights. Or the case of Germany in the 1930s where the Nazis by intimidation and promises to the middle class and poor that they will be part of the ruling class and got them to murder and go to war for the Nazis and the rich who backed them. All this stuff with use of freedom in bills to create controversy about evolution is really a plan to stifle actual freedom of thought. I read today in Popular Science that there was a $100 million dollar satellite that was going to be launched that would have actually monitored and definitively answered the question of global warming was never launched and stored when George Bush got into office. This was ideological in orgins and plan to stifle evidence that went against his ideology. The current plans by republican attorney general in Virginia to stifle the climate scientist research at Virginia University. I wonder how much all the politicians on the right are in the pockets of the corporations and the very rich in this country. To balance the budget by hurting the poor and the middle class so the rich can still make the money. Using religion on the uncritical as Chris Hedges said in one of his books the mixing of Christianity with rich corporations is the start of fascism in this country. Peace Skeptical DoDo

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