Monday, April 4, 2011

KMOT and Woo

Tonight KMOT talked about acupuncture and menopause like it was a miracle cure. It would be a miracle if it worked. Have you noticed that KMOT is getting more irresponsible with respect to giving reliable medical news. All the studies performed have shown acupuncture is no more effective than placebo. Science Based Medicine blog has many good articles about acupuncture and I would recommend you go to that resource to learn more. Without science reporters the average reporter is assigned a scientific story and has no idea what they are doing. KMOT is not even reporting the factual side of the story, just the sensational side to get viewers and money. It encourages people to believe in woo and yes sometimes it does no harm, but more times than not it eventually causes harm. Get the facts KMOT! Peace Skeptical DoDo

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