Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apocalypse Delayed

We made it through the rapture. No reports of bodies coming out of graves or empty cars, trains or planes crashing due to no doing the driving or flying. Now Harold Camping says he is off only by 5 months and the world will end or the rapture will occur in five months. Then there is the tornado that struck Joplin Mo., the flooding here along the Souris river and all sorts of natural disasters. Is this the start of the tribulation and signs said in the bible or is this just natural occurrences? The bible has so many contradictions and many of the books in the bible are forgeries. Also, in the bible Jesus said his second coming will be before the current generation dies, that is within a generation of his death or 20 years. Later authors modified the prediction, until the prediction is unverifiable, as so many things in religion and other magical thinking. I think the major storms and change in weather is due to climate change secondary to global warming as predicted by the climate scientists. Thus verifiable, and is occurring. Then we have the 2012 Mayan prediction so if Camping is correct what does the 2012 prediction mean. Or is Camping just trying to beat it to the punch for publicity sake and money. The later is what I suspect. One other thing to consider if the bible is wrong, particularly the old testament then Islam is also wrong, because 65% of that religion is based on it. Something to think about.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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