Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pray to Stop the Rain and Prevent Floods

Well, the church's of Minot, particularly the evangelical and primarily the Baptist, are holding prayer vigils to stop the rain and prevent floods. Is this how far the belief in the supernatural has gotten here in Minot? How about just rolling up your sleeves and go build a dyke? Probably a whole lot more effective. Of course when the people who did build up the dyke's in Minot are successful, it will be the religious minded who will take the credit and say it was their prayers. It is like Camping after his failed rapture prophesy who said the rapture did occur, but it was the spirit of Christ that came down. It takes a whole lot of mental gymnastics, with the risk of getting tied up in a mental knot, to talk yourself into believing your pathetic prayers worked. And I am ashamed of KMOT actually advertising this on the news tonight. It is not news it is wishing and trying to get a headline for the news station of KMOT. Come on KMOT I thought you were better than that.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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