Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture May 21, Tomorrow, Oh No!

According to Harold Camping tomorrow at 6 PM/every time zone the rapture will occur. Believers have given their savings, homes etc. away. Signs by Camping have sprung up all over the world. Never mind that he was wrong once before in the 1990's. This time he says he has it right! So if you are one of the chosen please follow this simple check list. 1. Don't drive tomorrow as you disappearing while driving will present traffic obstacles to the damned. 2. Unplug your electrical appliances. Might as well help cut down on the fires the damned will have to put up with during tribulation. 3. Call in sick if you are in a safety important job like doctor, nurse, pilot, train engineer etc. After all you sudden departure will have untold consequences on those left behind. 4. Cancel your paper as you don't want the damned to have to deliver a paper to empty houses. and 5. don't kill anyone, even though that is tempting as it may negate your rapture rights. For all the others that will not be raptured and are going to hell, lets just live it up.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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