Thursday, June 23, 2011

Surge Coming

Broadway closed from University to Burdick. Surge of 1566 coming from Darling Dam. They are desperately trying to add 3 feet to already high dikes trying to protect the main north south route of Broadway. The east way is bad and the west bypass is bumper to bumper cars coming north and going south for 5 miles. They are having trucks come with concrete barriers to reinforce the build up of dikes to try and protect the west 83 bypass. Coming that way took me 1 hour. I could see water coming up the roads in neighborhoods just to the north of the dog park. Only emergency travel is recommended on the west bypass. Nature doesn't care what we believe or think, she just does her thing. The uncertainty on levels and amount of water is based on the fact that historically, nothing like this has occurred before. So levels and volume of water is calibrated to what is historically known. When it gets beyond what is known the amount of uncertainty in predictions gets larger. And that is what is happening. Its going to be interesting.
Skeptical DoDo

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